Selected for FY2011 Program to Strengthen Universities' Global Capabilities

Three proposals submitted by the University for the program to strengthen universities' global capabilities were accepted in FY2011.

 Under this program, Japanese universities will be better able to operate on a global scale by building higher-education networks with schools in Asia, the United States and elsewhere. With the aim of producing personnel capable of playing active roles in the global community, prioritized financial support will be placed on ensuring the quality of the country's higher education, helping Japanese schools receive students from other countries, and enabling Japanese university students to study with students from other countries in cooperative education programs jointly conducted by Japan, China, South Korea, the US and other countries.

 Two types of programs arranged in the following categories will be supported: Type A, Campus Asia for the Formation of a Core Research and Education Hub, and Type B, Creating Cooperative Education with American and Other Universities. Type A has two sub-types: A-I, Formation of a Japan-China-South Korea trilateral consortium of universities that will involve management of mutual approval of academic credits and grades and unified granting of degrees under exchange programs (Campus Asia pilot program), and A-II, universities in China, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries managing mutual acceptance of academic credits and grades, unified practices for the granting of degrees, and exchange programs. Type B has two sub-types: B-I, Exchange Programs for Cooperative Educational Activities, including exchange programs, with universities and other institutions in the United States, and B-II, Exchange Programs with Universities in Europe, Australia, and Other Countries (not the US).

 Overall, applications for 183 programs were received (from 91 schools), and 25 were selected (from 19 schools) (selection rate: 13.7%).


The University's projects that were chosen are described below.

Type A-I (10 selected/51 applications)

Type B-I (7 selected/49 applications)


Program names: Master's Course with the Aim of Creating a Japan-US Cooperative Graduate School System, with the Japan-US Cooperative Education Program Playing a Leading Role
Partner universities: University of California, Los Angeles (US)