Selected for FY2008 Funding for the Science and Technology Promotion Program

The following Nagoya University programs were selected for funding offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the FY2008 Science and Technology Promotion Program.


Developing Young Innovative Researchers

This program was designed to support young researchers, who are key personnel in creating innovations. As an institution, we are striving to build systems to contribute to the education of the type of researchers who have a broad international vision that goes beyond narrow academic specializations, researchers who are ready to handle concepts that will help meet the real needs of society and industry.


Project name: Program for Training Young Researchers to Contribute to Society


Forming locations for training strategic environmental leaders

Japan's Innovation 25 strategy raises the slogans, "Create universities open to the world" and "Train leaders in global environmental protection efforts". A goal of the research centers we are organizing is to provide the type of training that will produce leaders capable of providing leadership in efforts to solve environmental problems in developing countries.


Project name: Forming Centers for Training Nagoya University's Global Environmental Leaders 


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