Nagoya University AY2023 Entrance Ceremony Information

Published on March 8, 2023

Updated on March 15, 2023

Nagoya University AY2023 Entrance Ceremony will be scheduled to be held as follows.
The ceremony will be live-streamed for students and relatives residing overseas or far away. The URL for the live streaming will be provided on this page before the ceremony begins.


Nagoya University AY2023 Entrance Ceremony

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Location:Toyoda Auditorium , Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus

*Students' relatives and other attendants and faculty and staff members may not enter Toyoda Auditorium. Please see "Other Notices" below for information on the  waiting room for students' relatives, etc.

Start time and target audience: 

Ceremony Start Time Undergraduate/Graduate Schools
Graduate School Entrance Ceremony

9:30 a.m.(enter by 9:15 a.m.)

All Graduate Schools
Undergraduate Entrance Ceremony (1)

10:50 a.m.(enter by 10:35 a.m.)

School of Humanities, School of Law, School of Economics, School of Science, School of Medicine
Undergraduate Entrance Ceremony (2)

12:10 p.m.(enter by 11:55 a.m.)

School of Education, School of Informatics,  School of Engineering, School of Agriculture Sciences

*Start times are approximate. Depending on the progress of the ceremony, the start time of the next session may be delayed.
*Each session takes about 40 minutes.


Program:1. Opening Address  2. Address by the President of Nagoya University
                3. Introduction of Chancellor,Vice Presidents and Deans
                4. Oath by a Representative of New Students
                5. Congratulatory address  6. Closing Address


【Other Information】


  • Only new students may enter the Toyoda Auditorium.
  • Inside the auditorium, students are asked to be seated without leaving the seat next to them empty. Please note that if the capacity of the auditorium is exceeded, participants will be asked to watch the live video in temporary seating in the Toyoda Auditorium building.
  • The ceremony will be streamed live (or on-demand after the ceremony) so that you can watch it at home or other places.
  • Students' relatives and other attendants are not allowed to enter Toyoda Auditorium. Please use the Waiting room for students' relatives, etc (Faculty of Economics Lecture Room , IB Lecture Room). Only the lecture rooms of the Faculty of Economics will be open during the time of the graduate school entrance ceremony. The ceremony will be streamed live in the waiting room for students' relatives, etc.
  • People with a fever or other cold-like symptoms may not enter the Toyoda Auditorium.
  • Please make sure to avoid the 3C's (especially in and around Toyoda Auditorium), Wear a mask depending on the situation, wash your hands, maintain cough etiquette, and disinfect thoroughly.


[About Masks]  Updated on March 13, 2023

The wearing of masks during the ceremony is at the discretion of the individual. (Masks will not be worn for degree conferments, ceremonial addresses, etc., which will take place on the stage of the Toyoda Auditorium.)

To prevent infection, please refrain from loud conversations and practice hand sanitizer, hand washing, and cough etiquette. (Cover your mouth with a handkerchief to prevent droplets from flying when you cough or sneeze.) 

If you have symptoms of a cold such as fever, sore throat, cough, or any other unusual symptoms, please watch the live webcast at home or other places instead of coming to the event.


  • Please note that other steps may be taken, such as format changes or cancellation, depending on the state of spread of COVID-19 in the prefecture and nationwide. Any such changes will be announced on the University website, so please check back regularly.
  • No cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles are allowed on the university campus. Please use public transportation. Please do not park in the parking lots of convenience stores, stores, etc. in the vicinity of the university.
  • Current students, clubs, circles, etc. are not permitted to visit the Toyoda Auditorium or its vicinity. No leaflets may be distributed along the flow line from the subway to the Toyoda Auditorium. (The same applies to non-academics.)

◎If you have a disability or need assistance, please contact the following person in advance.


 Internet video streaming

  *The ceremony will be conducted in Japanese.


 Graduate School Entrance Ceremony


Undergraduate Entrance Ceremony (1)


Undergraduate Entrance Ceremony (2)




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