[Announcement for Nagoya University Community] Beware: Dealing with Malicious Solicitations

 Among the groups and organizations involved in soliciting and recruiting new members, there may be malicious actors, such as fraudsters who pretend to be recruiters for part-time jobs or cults who recruit new members by posing as sports teams or cultural clubs. This has happened before on campus. Do not immediately accept offers or allow yourself to be talked into anything.

Be particularly cautious if anyone invites you to come with them to a different location because they want to give you a more detailed explanation of what they are offering/selling.

■ Never give your personal information (name, address, cell phone number, e-mail address, etc.) to someone you do not know.


About Online Scams and Dishonest Business Practices

Be careful of solicitations by cults posing as clubs, spam e-mails, other online scams, and dishonest business practices (such as multilevel marketing/pyramid schemes, appointment sales (where a salesperson makes an appointment with you to sell products), bait-and-switch schemes, fortune-telling, street sales (where a stranger approaches you on the street, etc. and pressures or coerces you to buy a product or service), and dating scams). Solicitation methods are constantly evolving. Scammers often use social media.

Please be cautious of anyone seeking to exploit their anonymity and convenience or who takes advantage of people's weaknesses.

[How to protect yourself from cults, online scams, dishonest business practices, and other problems]
■ If someone attempts to solicit you on the street or elsewhere in public, ignore them or firmly refuse and walk away.
■ If you get into trouble, talk with family, friends, or other people close to you, or consult with the university (such as the Student Affairs section of your department).
■ Keep all personal information secure and do not share it with anyone.
■ Do not access suspicious sites or open spam emails.

Some events held online or on social media are scams. Do not trust an event simply because it has the Nagoya University logo or uses Nagoya University in its name. Confirm who is hosting the event.

If you encounter someone suspicious or become a victim, please immediately contact student services at Nagoya University.

Contact: Nagoya University Student Support (Mon. - Fri. 10:00 - 17:00)
TEL: (052)789-5805