Application for the Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies by MEXT (Second Round)


Nagoya University has been notified of the "Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies" by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

This program provides a cash handout to support students who face difficulties to continue their studies due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Amount of Handout

JPY 100,000 

Requirements for Eligible Students

You can check the requirements for eligible students on the "NU Portal". 

 *You need a Nagoya University ID and password to login to NU Portal.

 *Students who applied for the first round cannot apply for the second.


If you are in financial need,please check the NU Portal, even if you think you do not meet the requirements. We will make a comprehensive decision when selecting applicants.


How to Apply

Please complete the online registration through the "WEB Application URL" on the NU Portal.


Application Period

Application has been closed



Applicants will be screened by the University based on their eligibility requirements, in accordance with the aims of this program. During the selection process, we may ask you to confirm the information given in your application.

Be sure to respond as soon as possible when the university contacts you.


Result Notification and Payment

If your application to the program is successful, the money will be transferred to your bank account by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) from late February to mid-March. This payment will serve as the notification of your successful application and there will be no other notification.
Those who are not successful will be notified through NU Portal.

*The "Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies" has a limited amount of funding for each university in the program. Therefore, some applicants may not be selected to receive support through the program.


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