Message from the president and deans: Let us move forward, each at your own pace.

The following is a message from the president, in observation of the recent fall in covid-19 cases. Messages from the deans will be available soon. Please follow the relevant link below


Message from the president


Dear students, I am Seiichi Matsuo, president of Nagoya University.
While covid-19 continues to affect us all, it is my hope that you are all healthy and your lives are fulfilling. This is why I am sending you this message.
We have been hit hard intermittently by covid-19 for a long time.
During this time, campus activities were severely restricted, and I believe that you had to spend many difficult days in anxiety. As president, I am deeply sorry for this.
Thanks to your sincere cooperation, there has been no major cluster infection on campus to date. Also, the spread seems to have subsided at present.
At this juncture, we would like to relax the activity restrictions, so as to gradually revitalize the campus, while continuing with the infection control measures.
However, let us not overexert ourselves. We are bound to sustain both physical and psychological strain from this prolonged covid-19 pandemic, whether we are aware of it or not.
Please gradually acclimatize yourself to the new environment, at your own pace.
If you feel any physical or psychological difficulty, please talk to someone close to you, without too much delay.
I have instructed the deans, faculty and staff leaders, to make sure faculty members in charge, as well as counselors and advisors are prepared to listen to you and take care of any anxiety and difficulty you might have.
Please rest assured that the university will leave no one behind, giving you full support, so that each one of you can lead a fulfilling campus life.


Messages from the deans