To All Nagoya University Students, Faculty and Staff Request to the Nagoya University Community Regarding Vaccinations

As you all know, vaccinations are being promoted across the country at mass vaccination sites run by local governments and workplace and on-campus vaccination sites at businesses and universities.

In early June, Nagoya University received an inquiry from Aichi Prefecture about the possibility of allowing our facilities to be used as a mass vaccination site for the general population. In the interest of contributing to the public good, we gave serious consideration to the proposal, but when we were informed that it would be some time before the prefecture could coordinate the various local government agencies, we immediately changed tack and turned our focus to launching a university vaccination site. Together with nearby universities, we have swiftly moved to begin vaccinations for university members.

Many local governments have prioritized the elderly for vaccinations and are only gradually lowering the age of eligibility. At this rate, vaccinations could be significantly delayed for students, who are at high risk of infection. We are well aware of the danger this could pose, and thus, we have decided to take a "students first" approach, while also proactively vaccinating faculty and staff.

Under this policy, we will begin vaccinations at Nagoya University starting July 12 (Monday). Detailed instructions for registration procedures will be announced at a later date. Please rest assured that all University members who wish to be vaccinated will have the opportunity.


As we start vaccinations, I have several requests to make of you.

First, please remember that the vaccines are not perfect. Even after being vaccinated, please continue to take infection prevention measures. Second, please do not force or pressure other people to get vaccinated or discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated. Third, if you can receive the vaccine more quickly at a mass vaccination site run by the local government, we encourage you to do so. However, please be careful not to make duplicate appointments or suddenly cancel your appointments for vaccination at the University or at the local government under any circumstances. These vaccines are precious. Please do not waste a single dose.


To our faculty and staff, please note that we have revised our work rules for all employees, including part-time employees, to allow you to be excused from work without having to take leave in order to get vaccinated or if you experience side effects or feel unwell after being vaccinated. This includes if you get vaccinated at a mass vaccination site run by the local government. We hope that this will help raise the vaccination rate in the Nagoya University community.

 I hope that, with your help and understanding, we can get back to our normal lives as soon as possible. Thank you.


 June 25, 2021

Tokai National Higher Education and Research System, Nagoya University

President Seiichi Matsuo