The President will hold dialogues with Nagoya University students: Message from the President



A Message from the President of Nagoya University to All Students


As the novel coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) continues to spread, Nagoya University is planning to open a discussion with students where they may speak freely about the future and student life at the University. We hope that many students will participate and share their thoughts and experiences with us. We intend to let your voices guide us as we continue to revise guidelines for activities at Nagoya University in response to the ever-evolving situation.


Ever since the end of March, when our graduation ceremony was unfortunately canceled, the coronavirus crisis has affected every aspect of life at Nagoya University. We have implemented a number of changes to help slow the spread of the virus, including replacing face-to-face classes with remote classes, limiting extracurricular activities, and imposing campus entry restrictions. Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of our students, faculty and staff, Nagoya University has managed to keep infections to a minimum. However, this success has come at a cost. Students have been unable to lead their on-campus lives as normal. With so many sources of stress, many people are feeling increasingly anxious and unhappy, and some have suffered negative health effects.


While we have sought out student opinions with surveys and other indirect methods, in retrospect, I realize that this is not enough to directly hear what students have to say and address their concerns.


At present, COVID-19 is showing a resurgence, and I imagine students are experiencing even greater stress and anxiety as a result. I believe that our student growth is achieved not only by the education they receive in classes, but also by the variety of experiences they have outside classes, in their interactions with other people and in extracurricular activities. However, our students have not been able to have these experiences, a reality I acknowledge with deep regret.


As University President, I hope to hear from students about what you want, what we as a University can do to respond to your wishes, and how we can support your future prospects. To this end, we are preparing to host an online event where students may speak freely about the future and student life at the University, including an English-language session where we hope to hear the thoughts of our international students. We hope that many students will share their thoughts and opinions with us.


Although the difficulties before us cannot be solved easily or swiftly, I sincerely hope that we can unite to make it through the coronavirus crisis and face the future together.


Seiichi Matsuo, President of Nagoya University


※Details including the exact date and time, as well as how you can participate, will be available soon on the NU website.