Regarding the slow response of NUCT due to increased web traffic

On April 17, Nagoya University started remote classes using ICT. However, after 10:30 am, NUCT (Nagoya University Collaboration and course Tools), which is used in many classes, has become intermittently difficult to use due to increased web traffic.


We deeply apologize to registered students for such an incident to occur on the first day of classes. I think this has made students feel worried but rest assured that any matters caused by not being able to access NUCT this time will never affect your grades.


The lecture materials released in NUCT can be accessed at your convenience, not just during the scheduled class hours.


We believe the system failure is due to an increase in web traffic. If possible, we ask you to download the lecture materials well in advance. If the system response is slow, please wait for a while before trying to access the system again.


Nagoya University will endeavor to build a better distance learning environment utilizing ICT, such as further expansion and reinforcement of the NUCT server.


The declaration of a state of emergency has expanded nationwide and Aichi Prefecture has been positioned as a particularly at-risk prefecture. Under such a difficult situation, Nagoya University will create a better environment in order to respond to everyone's willingness to learn. Let's do our best for the future.