Registration Open (November 4 to December 11) for Academic Lectures in Beginner Level English in the 'G30 for Everyone Autumn 2014' Program

The "Global 30 (G30) for Everyone Autumn 2014" program will offer a series of lectures in beginner level English (known as Studium Generale), providing a good opportunity for participants to broaden their perspectives, learn something new, and meet new people.


  •  Target Participants: Nagoya University undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, administrative staff and affiliated high school students
  •  Period: November 4th (Tue) to December 11th (Thu)
  •  Time/Day: 6:30-7:30 pm every Tuesday and Thursday (a total of 14 lectures)
  •  Location: E & S Building, Room 034
  •  Certificate of Completion: Available to participants who have attended at least 7 lectures


※ Registered persons can attend whichever courses they like.
    Registration is not required but advisable.


For details, please refer to the following URL: