Nagoya University Selected for 2013 Research University Enhancement Project

NagoyaUniversity was selected to receive support for the 2013 academic year under the Research University Enhancement Project. The university was among the top four of the 22 selected institutions.

This project is undertaken by MEXT to support efforts to enhance research capabilities through the acquisition and application of human resources for research management personnel (including research administrators). These personnel are required to be familiar with research strategies and intellectual property management, as well as focused research environment reforms, within universities and institutions sharing facilities with universities.

Based on the following Fundamental Policy to Enhance Research Capabilities, NagoyaUniversity is engaged in analysis of research capabilities, reform of staffing systems to increase the number of younger and female researchers, financial reforms, and enhancing systems for research support, and is implementing a program to strengthen leading-edge research by younger personnel.  

Fundamental Policy to Strengthen Research Capabilities

  • Transparency and fairness in acquiring good-quality younger personnel from within Japan and abroad.
  • Strengthen our academic foundation by promoting a competitive environment and investing in independent financial sources within the university.
  • Promote research strategies and intellectual property management through new research support systems.
  • Develop a world-class interdisciplinary center for research.