President Hamaguchi Announces Nagoya University's Activities and Future Proceedings for the Myanmar-Japan Joint Initiative

On Sunday, May 26th, 2013, President Hamaguchi attended a meeting of the Myanmar-Japan Joint Initiative held following the summit meeting between Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and President Thein Sein of Myanmar.

As part of Prime Minister Abe's official visit to Myanmar, in addition to government representatives, over 40 private corporate CEOs and three university representatives joined the delegation. Of these delegates, President Hamaguchi was the only private sector representative from a higher education institution.

President Hamaguchi discussed NagoyaUniversity's human resource development projects for Myanmar, as well as the upcoming academic exchange agreement to be established with YangonUniversity. He also discussed the Myanmar-JapanLegalResearchCenter to be established to advance the organization and continuation of legal support and human resources development. President Hamaguchi also explained how the Center will become a focus of exchange for the higher education institutions of Japan and Myanmar, and made appeals for its support.

In response to these efforts, President Thein Sein announced he would direct his Minister of Education to work towards the establishment of an Academic Exchange Agreement, as well as the establishment of a Myanmar-JapanLegalResearchCenter.

The signing ceremony of an academic exchange agreement between NagoyaUniversity and YangonUniversity and the inauguration ceremony of the Myanmar-JapanLegalResearchCenter are scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 29th within the YangonUniversity campus. This is an opportunity to further deepen ties with Myanmar while providing legal support in Myanmar at a government level, and contributing to human resource development.