Japan Exchange Fair Held in Uzbekistan in 2012

Japan Exchange Fair 2012 was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on Saturday, November 10th. This fair is held as part of the Global 30 Program, and NagoyaUniversity participated along with eight other Japanese universities.

Director Watanabe gave an opening address on behalf of the Japanese universities and explained how the Nagoya University Uzbekistan Office, established to promote student exchange with NU as well as other Japanese universities, plays an important role in serving Uzbek students studying in Japan.

The weather on the day of the event was clear, and and the event was attended by approximately 1,200 high school and university students and 40 school officials. Uzbek State TV was also there along with 11 other media outlets, making for a busy scene. The attached video clip provided by an Uzbek TV station is from the actual broadcast.