Recipients of FY2014 MEXT Science and Technology Award Announced

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has announced the recipients of its FY2014 ministerial awards for science and technology, including five researchers from Nagoya University who will be granted four awards for their valuable achievements (two for the Science and Technology Prize, and two for the Young Scientist Prize).


These prizes are awarded to researchers who have achieved significant results in research, development, and contribution to greater public understanding in regard to science and technology, with the aim of strengthening the motivation of researchers in the field and contributing to improvements in Japan's level of science and technology.


The prizes are made up of the Science and Technology (categories of "development," "research," "promotion of science and technology," "technology," and "public understanding"), Young Scientist, Creativity, and Nurturing Creativity in Schools awards.


The award ceremony will be held at MEXT on April 15 (Tue), 2014.


Recipients of Science and Technology Prize






Nobuo Tanaka

Director and professor, EcoTopia Science Institute



Development of the high-voltage electron microscope for reaction science in order to observe nano-materials in gas

Shigeo Arai

Designated associate professor, EcoTopia Science Institute


Ayahiko Ichimiya

Emeritus professor

Research on total reflection positron diffraction, and on the physical properties of solid surfaces using diffraction



Recipients of Young Scientist Prize




Shohei Saito

Assistant professor, Research Center for Materials Science

Research on electronic materials using the flexibility of molecular frameworks and the diversity of elements

Tomokatsu Morota

Assistant professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Research on the moon's evolutionary process using data from the lunar satellite "Kaguya"