Prof. Masaru Hori Selected to Receive the DPS 2020 Nishizawa Award

Professor Masaru Hori, Director of Nagoya University's Center for Low-Temperature Plasma Sciences, has been selected to receive the DPS 2020 Nishizawa Award of the International Symposium on Dry Process (DPS).


DPS Nishizawa Award is presented to an individual who has achieved outstanding results and contributed to the development of the dry process field -- a core science and technology field for large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing. The award was established in 2008 in recognition of the ingenious achievements by Dr. Jun-ichi Nishizawa (former president of Tohoku University), who developed the basic technology of semiconductors and optical communications.


The award ceremony and commemorative lecture will be held at the 42nd DPS International Conference on November 18, 2021.



 Prof. Masaru Hori



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