Prof. Katsuhiko Toyama of the Information Technology Center Receives Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Award for His Contributions to Computerization

Information Technology Center Professor Katsuhiko Toyama, who is also affiliated with the Japan Legal Information Institute at Nagoya University's Graduate School of Law, has been awarded one of the "FY2017 Commendations to Individuals and Organizations for Their Contributions to the Promotion of Computerization" Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Awards.


These awards are presented to individuals, companies, etc. who are recognized to have played leading roles or achieved remarkable results in the promotion of computerization, such as through the research and development of advanced information and communications technology (ICT), the development of high-level ICT human resources, the introduction of ICT to companies slow in applying ICT, or the application of ICT in finding solutions to social issues.


The award ceremony will be held in Tokyo on Monday, October 2, 2017.


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