Nagoya University Professors Receive FY2022 MEXT Science and Technology Award

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has announced the recipients of its FY2022 Commendation for Science and Technology. This includes eight researchers from Nagoya University (five for the Awards for Science and Technology, two for the Young Scientists' Award, and one for the Outstanding Support for Research Award).


MEXT presents these awards to researchers who have made significant advances in research, development, and promotion of public understanding for science and technology. The aim is to motivate researchers in the same fields and improve Japan's level of science and technology. Awards are bestowed for the categories of Science and Technology ("Development," "Research," "Science and Technology Promotion," "Technology," and "Public Understanding Promotion"), Young Scientist, Creativity, and Schools for Nurturing Creativity.



Awards for Science and Technology



Position & Affiliation



Noritaka Usami

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Integrated research into silicon crystal growth and applications of silicon-based materials


Kanya Kusano

Professor, Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research Division for Integrated Studies

Precise prediction of large solar flares and their onset mechanism 


Kazuhisa Tsuboki

Professor, Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research Division for Integrated Studies

Using aircraft observation and mathematical modeling in the study of typhoon intensity


Hiroyoshi Nishikawa

Professor, Graduate School of Medicine

Immunogenetic analysis of cancer immunosuppressive mechanisms in humans

Science and Technology Promotion

Kensaku Mori

Professor, Graduate School of Informatics


Using cloud infrastructure for big medical data contributes to AI-based diagnostic research



The Young Scientists' Award


Position & Affiliation


Maki Kushimoto

Lecturer, Graduate School of Engineering

Deep-ultraviolet semiconductor lasers

Toshio Miyamachi

Associate Professor, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability

Atomic-scale study on multi-scale layer structure of surface and interface magnetization



Outstanding Support for Research Award




Yuta Yamamoto

Engineer, Nagoya University Technical Center

Material evaluation by electron microscope imaging


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