Nagoya University Professors Receive FY2018 MEXT Science and Technology Award

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has announced the recipients of its FY2018 Ministerial Awards for Science and Technology, including eight researchers from Nagoya University (two for the Science and Technology Prize, and six for the Young Scientist Prize).


These prizes are awarded to researchers who have achieved significant advances in research, development, and promotion of public understanding for science and technology, with the aim of strengthening the motivation of researchers in the field and contributing to improvements in Japan's level of science and technology. Awards are bestowed for the categories of Science and Technology (further categorized to "Development," "Research," "Science and Technology Promotion," "Technology," and "Public Understanding Promotion"), Young Scientist, Creativity, and Schools for Nurturing Creativity.


The award ceremony will be held at MEXT on April 17 (Tue), 2018.


Recipients of the Prize for Science and Technology






Shigeaki Zaima

Trustee and Vice President

Professor, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability

Comprehensive Research on Crystal Growth and Interface Control of Group-IV Semiconductor Thin Films


Takahiro Seki

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Studies on polymer thin films that show photoalignment and motility functions



Recipients of the Young Scientists' Prize




Shinichiro Inoue

Lecturer, Graduate School of Science

Molecular biological studies on the plant blue light responses

Yasutomo Segawa

Designated Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science
Group Leader / Project Coordinator, Japan Science and Technology Agency ERATO Itami Molecular Nanocarbon Project

Research on the synthesis and properties of warped aromatic hydrocarbons

Hidenori Takeuchi

Designated Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Research

Study on male and female key molecules for species-specific pollen tube attraction

Tomoki Nakayama

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences, Nagasaki University

(Former Lecturer, Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University)

*Nominated by Nagoya University while he was affiliated with the University.

Research on optical properties of atmospheric fine particles using laser spectroscopic techniques

Ken Matsuoka

Lecturer, Graduate School of Engineering

Research on Technologies for Controlling a Detonation Wave and Its Application to Propulsion System

Hisataka Maruyama

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Research on Single Cell Analysis Using Optical Manipulation and Measurement


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