Joint Research Project of Nagoya University and Kyoto University Wins Air Liquide Scientific Award

A joint research project -- led by Susumu Kitagawa, Professor of the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences at Kyoto University, and Ryotaro Matsuda, Professor of the Graduate School of Engineering at Nagoya University -- has won the "Air Liquide Essential Molecules Challenge" award for their proposal to find sponge materials for high density storage and safe supply of gases.


This competition was established by Air Liquide, a France-based industrial gas supplier with the world's largest market share, to strengthen the focus on science and technology for accelerating innovation. The Kitagawa-Matsuda joint project received the highest recognition on the "Pocketable Small Molecules" category and was selected as one of this year's three distinguished projects out of 130 proposals coming from 25 countries.


This project, which is about the research and development of sponge materials used to store gas molecules in high density and supply them in a safe manner, was highly recognized for its originality, as well as its potential to lead to innovative solutions for promoting progress in energy and environment-related research.   


They will receive a scientific award of 50,000 euros and launch a joint research project with an Air Liquide research team in December 2016.


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Joint Research Project Wins Air Liquide Scientific Award

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