Drs. Eiji Yashima and Yoshio Okamoto Receive 74th Chunichi Cultural Prize

Professor Eiji Yashima of the Graduate School of Engineering and University Professor Yoshio Okamoto, both at Nagoya University, have been selected to receive the 74th (2021) Chunichi Cultural Prize for their research on the synthesis and application of helical polymers.


This prize was established in 1947 by the Chunichi Shimbun Co. (a Japanese newspaper publisher) to commemorate the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan. With the aim of promoting science and art, this prize has been presented every year since 1948 to individuals and groups who have achieved outstanding results in either one of these fields and have made a contribution to cultural advancement. Chunichi Shimbun carefully screens candidates recommended in the fields and selects the winners based on opinions from a group of experts.