Associate Professor Miho Tagawa Selected to Win the AY2019 Female Researchers Award by the Soroptimist Japan Foundation

Associate Professor Miho Tagawa of the Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University, has been selected to win the Female Researchers Award by the Soroptimist* Japan Foundation, according to an announcement by the foundation on August 1, 2019.


This award was established in commemoration of the foundation's 30th anniversary to provide women with opportunities to gain a foothold for future progress in their fields. It provides support in research expenses to competent women who are pursuing promising research in a variety of fields, such as education, science and technology, medical technology, environmental science and studies, information technology, nursing care, social welfare, traditional craftsmanship, traditional culture, literature, economics, health, and peace studies.


* Soroptimist means "best for women," originating from Latin soror "sister/woman" and optima "best."



Associate Professor Tagawa attending the award presentation ceremony



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