FY2013 Science and Technology Commendations from Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Announced

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has announced the FY2013 Science and Technology Commendations. Personnel from NagoyaUniversity were selected for six Science and Technology Prizes and seven Young Scientist Prizes.
  These prizes are awarded to those achieving significant results in research, development, and contributions to greater public understanding of scientific and technology, with the objectives of raising the level of interest in scientific technology, and contributing to the improvement of the scientific technology in Japan.

Prizes are presented for Science and Technology (Development, Research, Promotion of Science and Technology, Technology, and Public Understanding), The Young Scientist, Creativity, and Nurturing Creativity in Schools.

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, April 16th at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


Science and Technology Prize






Takashi Ishikawa

Professor, GraduateSchool of Engineering

Development of world-class advanced composite materials


Yoshikazu Takeda

Emeritus Professor, Designated Professor

Research on low-energy electron microscopes for super-bright, high-spin polarization (joint prize, received with Professor Takanori Koshikawa of OsakaElectro-CommunicationsUniversity)

Kazuyuki Tatsumi

Designated Professor, ResearchCenter for Material Science

Research on the active sites of metalloreductase clusters

Tomohide Niimi

Professor, GraduateSchool of Engineering

Research on high Knudsen number flow

Public Understanding

Susumu Kokubun

Emeritus Professor

Improved public understanding of polar sciences through a nationwide network with lecture activities (joint prize, received with Emeritus Professor Sadao Kawaguchi of the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), Emeritus Professor Okitsugu Watanabe of NIPR, Researcher Koji Matsubara of the JapanMeteorologicalBusinessSupportCenter, and Emeritus Professor/Designated Professor Hiroshi Kanda of NIPR)

Noritsugu Umehara

Professor, GraduateSchool of Engineering

Improved high school students' understanding of scientific technology and engineering through manufacturing experience (joint prize, received with Mr. Ichiro Kawaguchi, teacher at AichiKenritsuIchinomiyaHigh School)

Shinko Senda

Specialist at TechnicalCenter

Tsutomu Fukumori

Senior Technical Specialist at TechnicalCenter

Kazue Kaneko

Assistant Professor at GraduateSchool of Engineering


Young Scientist Prize




Muhammet Uyanik

Assistant Professor at GraduateSchool of Engineering

Research on developing oxidation reactions using design-type iodine catalysts

Atsushi Enomoto

Associate Professor at GraduateSchool of Medicine

Research on post-natal vascularization and the molecular structure of neuropoiesis

Yoshiko Saito

Assistant Professor at Center for the Studies in Higher Education

Research on personnel linking scientific technology and knowledge with society, and the process from developing such personnel to implementation

Mutsumi Tashiro

Assistant Professor at GraduateSchool of Engineering

Research on major long-term settlement of soft ground: Simple methods for determination and predictions

Manabu Hatano

Associate Professor at GraduateSchool of Engineering.

Research on precise methods for organic synthesis using high-function, concerted, acid-based catalysts

Ippei Maruyama

Associate Professor, GraduateSchool of Environmental Studies

Research on volume changes caused by water in cement materials

Yoshizumi Miyoshi

Associate Professor, Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory

Research on the structures of radiation-belt electron accelerators as basic elements of space weather