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Other Agreement

                                                                As of Aug 01, 2020

Agreement for Industry-University Collaboration

University / InstitutionsSchool / Institute relatedYear Concluded
North Carolina State University  - 2007
NCC Operations Ltd as legal entity for the University of Bristol National Composites Centre   NCC 2014

Pôle EMC2,
IRT Jules Verne,
Gifu University Composite Materials Center,

Kanazawa Institue of Technology Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center 

 NCC 2014


Agreement for International Joint Research

University / InstitutionsYear Concluded
Sungkyunkwan University, Center for Advanced Plasma Surface Technology 2008


Agreement concerning Interns

University / InstitutionsSchool / Institution relatedYear Concluded
The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, Asia and the Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok)  GSID 2009
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) GSID 2010
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  ー 2017 
University of Oregon  EDUCA 2019