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Graduate School of Medicine / School of Medicine


Graduate School of Medicine / School of Medicine

Undergraduate Departments: 1.Medicine 2.Health Sciences

Graduate Departments: 1.Integrated Molecular Medicine 2.Cell Information Medicine 3.Function Construction Medicine 4.Health and Community Medicine 5.Nursing 6.Radiological and Medical Laboratory Sciences 7.Physical and Occupational Therapy 8.Medical Science 9.Medical Science, Medical Administration Course


Nagoya University School of Medicine is one of the oldest Japanese medical schools of higher learning, yet is continuously undergoing renovation.

The School of Medicine has its root as a private school of the Owari feudal lord with more than 130 years of history. Unique programs of our education include the Basic Science Seminar, where students can experience up-to-date basic medical researches for six months, Polyclinic II, various seminars and PBL tutorials. There are also exchange programs with 11 top universities in the USA and Europe. By this program, students who passed the examination by committee can experience bed-side training at universities abroad for three months. With students' participation in education committee meetings, curricula are continuously improved to cultivate students' motivation.

The mission of our education is to provide medical students with the knowledge to perform the highest level of safe and high-quality health care. In addition, Young Leaders' Program (YLP) in Medical Administration, funded by the Japanese Government, is designed to foster future national leaders in Asian and other countries.