Emeritus Professor Toshio Shimada Recognized for Work as Screener for the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

Emeritus Professor Toshio Shimada (formerly a professor at the Graduate School of Engineering) was honored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science as a model screener for his work in screening applications for the FY2009 the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

Screening of documents for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists forms the basis of overall screening, and efforts to improve the quality of screenings are therefore invaluable. For this reason, the JSPSResearchCenter for Science Systems evaluates document screening results in order to assist in the selection of screeners for the next academic year, and to honor screeners working on applications as model screeners.

Of the 1,300 screeners working this year, 600 were eligible for honors as second-year screeners. Of those, 18, including Emeritus Professor Toshio Shimada, were recognized for their work.