Research Achievements

February 15, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Dance of auroras: Scientists make first direct observation of electron frolic

The shower of electrons bouncing across Earth's magnetosphere - commonly known as the Northern Lights - has been direct

February 8, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

"Zipping-up" rings to make nanographenes ~ A fast and efficient method for graphene nanoribbon synthesis ~

Nanographenes are attracting wide interest from many researchers as a powerful candidate for the next generation of car

January 23, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Chemical hijacking of plant hormone signaling ~ A collaboration between organic chemistry and synthetic biology ~

Professor Keiko Torii (ITbM, Nagoya University; HHMI; University of Washington) and her colleagues, Associate Professor

January 19, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

2D Tin (Stanene) without Buckling: A Possible Topological Insulator

Nagoya University-led researchers produce 2D sheets of tin atoms predicted to have exotic uses in electronics. press re

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