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January 23, 2018  PRESS RELEASE

Chemical hijacking of plant hormone signaling ~ A collaboration between organic chemistry and synthetic biology ~

Professor Keiko Torii (ITbM, Nagoya University; HHMI; University of Washington) and her colleagues, Associate Professor Shinya Hagihara, Designated Associate Professor Naoyuki Uchida and Assistant Professor Koji Takahashi, have succeeded in generating a synthetic plant hormone auxin and its receptor. This may lead to precise control of the physiological activities regulated by auxin as well as further understanding of the mechanism of plant growth and development.

press released on January 23, 2018


A synthetic version of auxin and its protein receptor (light blue) nestle together, creating a matched set that behaves just like the natural one.

Credit: Keiko Torii /University of Washington/HHMI and Shinya Hagihara/Nagoya University



The results of this research have been reported in Nature Chemical Biology......>>read more on the ITbM website


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