Academics / Campus Life

Tuition Fees

Tuition amounts and payment deadlines for the 2013 academic year are as follows.


Amount Due

Student Type

Tuition Unit

Undergraduate students

 ¥267,900 per semester

Graduate students

¥267,900 per semester

Nagoya University Law School graduate students

 ¥402,000 per semester

High school students

 ¥57,600 per semester

Audit students

¥14,800 per credit

Credit-transfer students

¥14,800 per credit

Research students

¥29,700 per month

Graduate credit-transfer students

¥14,800 per credit

Graduate research students

¥29,700 per month

Special research students

¥29,700 per month

Flex-access students

¥14,800 per credit

International students

Students in the Japanese Language and Culture Training Course

¥29,700 per month

Students in the Japanese Language Training Course

¥30,200 per month

Due Dates

First semester tuition (April-September): April 30, 2013 (except for 1st year students)
Second semester tuition (October-March): October 31, 2013
If you have set up direct debit from your bank account, first semester tuition will be deducted on April 25, 2013 (Note: For 1st year students, the date is May 29), and second semester tuition will be deducted on October 29, 2013. Please be sure to deposit the funds in your account in advance. 

Payment locations

If paying in cash, pay your tuition at the Accounting Section of your School/Graduate School.
* Students who have set up direct debit from their bank will have funds deducted by a designated bank. 


School/Graduate School


Telephone Number 

School of Letters/Graduate School of Letters

Accounting Group, Accounting Division, Administrative Office for Humanities and Social Sciences


School of Education/Graduate School of Education and Human Development

School of Law/Graduate School of Law

School of Economics/Graduate School of Economics

Graduate School of International Development

Graduate School of Languages and Cultures

School of Informatics and Sciences, Graduate School of Information Science

Accounting Section


School of Science/Graduate School of Science

Accounting Section


Graduate School of Mathematics

School of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine

Accounting Section


Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine

Accounting Section


School of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering

Accounting Section


School of Agricultural Sciences/Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

Accounting Section


Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Accounting Section


Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Administration Section


Affiliated Schools

General Affairs Group


EcoTopia Science Institute

Accounting Group, Accounting Section, Research Institutes


Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory

Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports

Administration Section


Education Center for International Students

Education Center for International Students Section