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May 8, 2015  HIGHLIGHT

Medical−engineering cooperation for safe and secure surgical treatments

Assistant Prof. Tomonaga Ueno and Visiting Associate Prof. Keiko Irie of the Social Innovation Design Center (SIDC), Institute of Innovation for Future Society, corroborated the utility of a simulation tool for cerebral aneurysm surgery. They cooperated with Dr. Takeshi Okura, a medical doctor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital. This surgical tool was prepared and rendered by 3D printing from the 3D images of blood vessels in patients' brains; thus, ensuring the precision of the operation before the surgery was performed. "The simulation tool was very helpful for promoting safer operations," Dr. Okura stated. The SIDC has projected that social problems will be identified and innovative tools will be developed and implemented in society to solve such problems. The simulated blood vessel models are planned for practical usage in medical institutions by the end of 2015, constructing an on-demand supply system collaborated with the venture capital, Nagoya Rapid Products Inc.


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