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Issuance of Miscellaneous Certificates

The following types of certificates are issued by Type A and Type B certificate-issuing machines: Certificate of Student Discount


(JR), Certificate of Enrollment (Japanese), Medical Checkup Certificate(Japanese), Certificate of Expected Graduation (for 4th year undergraduate students only) and Certificate of Expected Completion (for 2nd year master's students only). The following certificates can only be issued by Type B certificate-issuing machines: Transcripts (for undergraduate students; English/Japanese), Certificate of Enrollment (English), Medical Checkup Certificate (English).


*These machines can be used Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8:30 am to 5:15 pm.
The machines may sometimes be unavailable due to maintenance. In such cases, advance notification will be given.


From October 2020, Nagoya University offers a certificate issuance service at convenience stores.


How to operate the certificate-issuing machines

  1. Register user:
    Place your student ID card in the student ID reader and follow the voice instructions to operate the panel.
  2. Confirm user: Enter your password.
  3. Select document type: Choose the type of document you require.
For general certificates:
  1. Enter the number of certificates required.
  2. Take the document(s) issued.
For a Certificate of Student Discount(JR):
  1. Enter the number of certificates required.
  2. Choose the purpose of use.
  3. Take the document(s) issued.

Certificate-issuing Machine Locations

Locations may change because of building renovations, etc.




Higashiyama Campus

University Headquarters Building 2

1st floor, Student Affairs & Planning Division

Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building

1st floor, Student Hall

1st floor, North Wing, in front of the School of Informatics and Sciences office

School of Law and School of Economics

1st floor lobby, inter-building corridor area

Integrated Research Building for Humanities and Social Sciences

1st floor, in front of Humanities and Social Sciences Educational Affairs Division Office

School of Science, Building C

1st floor, Educational and Student Affairs Section

E and S Building, School of Engineering

3rd floor, Lounge

Lecture Building, School of Agricultural Sciences

2nd floor, Educational and Student Affairs Section office

Environmental Studies Hall

2nd floor, Graduate School Section

Building B, School of Science

4th floor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences office 

Tsurumai Campus

Medical Research Building,School of Medicine

1st floor, Student Affairs Division

Daiko Campus

Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine (Main Building)

Entrance hall