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Nagoya University Research (NU Research)

With roots dating back to 1871, Nagoya University was formally instituted in 1939 as the seventh and last of Japanʼs imperial universities. Although modest in size compared to largest universities in Japan, Nagoya University has produced six of Japanʼs 22 Nobel laureates. Ryoji Noyori and Osamu Shimomura in chemistry and Toshihide Maskawa & Makoto Kobayashi and Isao Akasaki & Hiroshi Amano in Physics who now advise on research advancement and flagship research projects through the Institute for Advanced Research. A progressive administration and clearly defined academic charter make Nagoya University an institute to watch in the future.


Nagoya University Research, or NU Research, presents feature articles and research highlights covering some of the latest research activities and achievements at Nagoya University. We showcase world-leading researchers at Nagoya University who aim to advance the frontiers of science in their respective disciplines with an emphasis on nurturing the scientific leaders of the future.


NU Research directs the WEB science café which introduces the latest articles and information intelligibly and interestingly at all readers.