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Regarding AY2021 Classes, etc (Notice to Students)

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   This page will provide the students with information on the university-wide policies and reminders regarding classes, guidance, and final exams for the coming academic year. As we will update the contents of this page as needed, please be sure to check it regularly.

 When we update the page, we also send the information to the university-wide email address (@*


The following is the information about the class schedule for the year 2021. (Published February 3, 2021)


1. Policy on the implementation of classes

 Educational activities for the next academic year will be carried out in the same manner as this academic year, with measures taken against the new coronavirus infection.

 Classes will be conducted in the appropriate ways such as face-to-face, remote, or a combination of the two, taking educational effectiveness, students' mental health, classroom size, desk/chair layout, number of students, and other factors into account.

 Based on this policy, specific measures are currently being considered by undergraduate/graduate schools, and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS, which offers university-wide education courses).

 How each class will be conducted will be announced in the course syllabus and on the websites of the undergraduate/graduate schools, and the ILAS before the start of course registration.

 *Undergraduate/graduate schools, ILAS and Doctoral Education Consortium contact information (website, email address, etc.)



2. Contact information

①Questions about classes, etc.
  【Questions about  Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses, course registration procedures, etc.】     Please contact the ILAS Office (by Zoom, email, or phone).

  【Questions about specialized courses offered by undergraduate/graduate schools, course registration procedures, etc.】
  Contact the office of the undergraduate/graduate school offering the class.

  【Questions about the content of the class】
  Contact the instructor in charge of the class.

*If you have any questions about how to operate class tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., please contact the ILAS Office, not the instructor. (For specialized courses, please contact the undergraduate/graduate school that offers the course.

 *Undergraduate/graduate schools, ILAS and Doctoral Education Consortium contact information (website, email address, etc.)

* NUCT Heip Desk


②Contact Health Administration Office regarding health consultations for any students, faculty or staff members of the University who have been infected/may have been infected or have other concerns.

 Health Administration Office  TEL: 052-789-3970


③For our university's students, if you have any concerns or problems regarding your physical or mental health due to coronavirus-related matters (such as disturbances caused in your everyday life, the suspension of extracurricular activities, etc.), please feel free to consult the Student Services Center. Online consultation is available.

 Student Services Center  TEL: 052-789-5805 Open weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM
 E-mail :