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Regarding classes and various periodic examinations to be held in this semester,etc.

Other important announcements can be found in "9".(Last updated January 14, 2021)

 Basic knowledge about COVID-19 (Q&A)



Notification Regarding Classes to be held in AY 2020 Fall Semester  (Published September 7, 2020)


For G30 students

 For more details, check the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences website.



1. Plans for Fall Semester Classes

 As written in the Message from the President published on September 2, we have been considering a wide variety of factors, including experiences from the spring semester, discussions between students and the President, results from various questionnaires, and the state of society, and we are looking into ways to allow students more opportunities to come to the University and interact and communicate with faculty and each other during the fall semester.1. Plans for Fall Semester Classes


 With regards to classes, we will lower the "Educational Activities" Level to Level 1, and we will resume face-to-face classes as much as possible. However, in order to prevent infections, we will be holding classes using only half of the maximum classroom capacity, which will make it difficult to hold all classes face-to-face. For this reason, we will also continue to hold classes remotely using ICT. However, for classes where face-to-face meetings are particularly important, such as experiments, practical training and seminars, we are looking into holding classes at University using measures such as combining with remote classes and biweekly classes.

 In particular, first-year undergraduate students have spent almost half a year without any opportunity to experience campus life. We plan to prioritize opportunities for first-year students to attend on-campus classes.

 On the other hand, there are students who are worried about coming to the University for a variety of reasons. We have requested each undergraduate/graduate school to make sure those students are not at a disadvantage in terms of obtaining credits.    *Link to the following relevant information


 Currently, each undergraduate/graduate school and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which holds Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses, are looking into measures in response to the University's policies. A preparation period of about 1-2 weeks is required; however, as soon as we are ready, we will inform you of details via the undergraduate/graduate school and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences websites, as well as via each department's respective information transmission tools such as NUCT (please note that currently posted information may be revised).

*Undergraduate/graduate schools contact information (website, email address, etc.)



2. Course Registration

 There are some class years that have already begun their course registrations. Please register for courses based on the currently posted syllabuses. If there are any changes to the way classes are held or to grade evaluation methods, we will inform you through the NUCT website for each class. (Undergraduate students can check NUCT class websites after confirming course registration on September 29.)



3. Classes That Will Be Held Biweekly

 Under "Educational Activities" Level 1 or 2, in order to prevent infections, classes will be held at half of the maximum classroom capacity. Thus, there may be courses utilizing biweekly classes. Our plans for such courses are as written below. Each undergraduate/graduate school and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences will announce which courses will use this method .

 【Biweekly Classes】

 In biweekly classes, all students are divided into two groups based on student ID number, and each group comes to campus for class every other week. The group that does not come to campus will take that week's class remotely (on-demand).

(Example: In a semester of classes, students will attend half of classes in a classroom and half remotely (on-demand). 


Circled Number on the Academic Calendar

Odd-Numbered Day

Even-Numbered Day

Student ID: Odd



Student ID: Even




*Will be published on AY2020 Academic Calendar (if there is a separate calendar for your undergraduate/graduate school, please follow what is written there.)



4. Timing of Reviewing "Educational Activities" Level

 The fall semester shall be divided into 4 periods as shown in the table below, and for each period, a decision shall be made whether or not the "Educational Activities" Level shall be lowered (e.g. 2→1). The decision will be posted during the "Notification Period" on the University website. Please use this as a guide for preparation, etc.

 Note that measures for classes/examinations shall be decided at each undergraduate/graduate school and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences in accordance with the "Educational Activities" Level and will serve as the basis for measures to be taken in each individual class. Please check NUCT etc. for measures taken in each class.



Notification Period

Plan for Activities Other than Classes and End-of-Semester Examinations



October 1 - December 1 (Fall Term 1)


Early September (this notification)



December 2 - January 26 (Fall Term 2)


Nagoya University Festival: afternoon of 12/10 - 12/13  Canceled

1st Year Undergraduate English Test: 12/19、1/7  Canceled

・3rd Year Undergraduate English Test(Part of the 3rd-year in the Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine): 12/19

・Common Test for University Admissions 1st date: 1/16-17; 2nd date: 1/30-31

【Published April 16, 2020】

There are no plans to change the level of the "Educational Activities" in the period of "December 2 - January 26 (Fall Term2)" .


・3rd Year Undergraduate English Test for the faculty on December 19 is scheduled to be held after taking measures to prevent infection.

January 27 - February 9 (End-of-Semester Classes and Examinations for Fall Semester)




【Published January 14, 2021】

・There are no plans to change the level of the "Educational Activities" .

 ・3rd Year Undergraduate English Test for the faculty on February 10 is scheduled to be held after taking measures to prevent infection.

February 10 onward (Intensive Lectures etc.)

・3rd Year Undergraduate English Test: 2/10

・Various Entrance Examinations


*1 If the "Educational Activities" Level is to be increased (e.g. 2→3) for reasons such as a worsening of the state of infection, emergency measures shall be taken regardless of the notification periods indicated above.

*2 Depending on the circumstances of each undergraduate/graduate school, the above table may not apply. In such a case, the undergraduate/graduate school will notify you separately.



5. Students Who Are Concerned About Coming to the University

 For students who are concerned about coming to the University, such as students with underlying health conditions or students living with seniors, please consult the Student Affairs Section at your affiliated undergraduate/graduate school and not the faculty member in charge of each class. Depending on the details of your consultation, we may refer you to the Student Support Center.


【Consultations Regarding Courses】 For specialized courses of undergraduate/graduate schools, the office of your affiliated department; for Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses, the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences Office

Undergraduate/graduate schools contact information (website, email address, etc.)

【Troubles, Concerns, etc.】 Student Support Center

Student Services Center TEL: 052-789-5805 Open weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM

E-mail :



6. For Students Who Cannot Come to Japan

 For students who cannot come to Japan, we will hold remote classes using ICT, and we will take measures so that you will not be at a disadvantage in your studies. Please consult your affiliated undergraduate/graduate school, your supervisor, etc.



7. Infection Prevention Measures, etc. for Resuming University Attendance

・We have summarized points of caution for students in the notification "To All Students of Nagoya University (Daily Life)"(Last updated December 3, 2020). Please abide by these guidelines when coming to the University.

・You must be careful of your actions within the University, even during interactions with other students outside of class and during meals. Please act with care and avoid the 3Cs. Note that we have asked the University Co-Op to offer more take-out meals in addition to taking infection prevention measures at cafeterias. We have also asked each department to open up classrooms etc. as spaces to eat, so please use these to avoid the 3Cs.

・Please install and use the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application "COCOA" recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


【Basic Items of Infection Prevention】

・Avoid the "3Cs" *1 and be thorough with "Infection Prevention Measures" *2.

In principle, wear a mask at all times. If it is required to remove masks, an instruction will be given by the instructor.

・Thoroughly disinfect shared equipment in experiments..


*1 The 3C's

The Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease is said to have an increased risk of outbreak in places where the following 3 conditions overlap: (1) closed spaces with poor ventilation, (2) crowded places with many people nearby, and (3) close-contact settings such as close-range conversations (the "3Cs" (closed, crowded, close-contact)). In order to decrease the risks, it is advisable to avoid environments that have any of the Cs whenever possible, not just environments where the 3Cs overlap.


*2 Infection Prevention Measures

【Measures for infection prevention】

◇If you have cold-like symptoms such as a fever, do not come to the University. Instead, rest at home. If you have any of the following symptoms, consult the "Nagoya University Health Administration Office".

              - If you have difficulty breathing, feel extremely tired, or have a high temperature

              - If cold-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, or sore throat, continue for 4 or more days (if you have an underlying condition or symptoms are unbearable, do not wait for 4 days; act immediately)

              - If your sense of taste or smell is abnormal

◇Maintain an adequate distance from each other (including when dining in the cafeteria)

  - Sit in every other seat (in some circumstances, more space may be taken)

◇Eliminate situations where you spend long hours in a closed room, etc.

  - Take a break every 30-40 minutes and ventilate

  - Wash your hands during breaks


※Measures to Prevent Infection in Cafeterias, etc.

 Initiatives Taken by Nagoya University Co-op Stores and Cafeterias



8.Other Information

◇Nagoya University ID and NUCT

 Information Services at the University require a Nagoya University ID. After obtaining an ID, you must undergo "Information Security Training for New Students" and pass the test in order to use your ID. Undergraduate students cannot register for courses unless they pass the test.

 ・Information Security Training for New StudentsLink

 Under the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease measures, announcements for individual classes will be made using NUCTLink.

* NUCT (Nagoya University Collaboration and course Tools) is an education and study support system where class management (class announcements, viewing lecture material, assignment instructions, submission of reports, etc.) is completed online.


◇Registration for Teacher Training Program

We will announce the outline on the Nagoya University Portal Teacher-Training Program pageLink, and individual course contents on NUCTLink.


◇ Annual Health Checkup for First-Year Undergraduate Students and Other Students

Please check the Health Administration Office websiteLink for the latest information.


◇ Purchase of Commuter Passes

 In principle, commuter passes will be issued between the stations (bus stops) closest to your home and Nagoya University.

  To purchase a commuter pass from JR, Meitetsu, Kintetsu or other railroad/bus companies, present a university-issued Student Commuter Pass Issuance Card and your Student ID Card to the commuter pass issuance counter. For details about purchasing commuter passes, please inquire at the appropriate railroad/bus company.

  Note that for the Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya (City Bus, Subway), you will be able to purchase a commuter pass for any requested section or route by presenting only your Student ID Card. However, if you are purchasing a commuter pass connected to another public transportation provider, a Student Commuter Pass Issuance Card is required, and in principle, the commuter pass will be issued only for travel between the stations (bus stops) closest to your home and Nagoya University.

* Please check for details on the Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya websiteLink.

  Students can receive the Student Commuter Pass Issuance Card from the office of their undergraduate/graduate schoolLink.

* However, until September of their second year, undergraduate students should receive it from the office of the Institute of Liberal Arts and SciencesLink.


◇Printers for Students

 There are no printers that can print for free in classrooms. If printing is required, use the cloud-on-demand service (paid) provided by the University Co-OpLink.



9.Other Important Information (including those previously announced)


 "Educational Activities" Level in " January 27-February 9 (Period for the Semester-end Classes and Examinations for Fall Semester)" and "From February 10 onward (For intensive Lectures, etc.)" under the Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University  uring the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic   (Posted January 14,2021)

There will be no change from the current level 1 for the activity guideline "Education" for the period from January 27th to February 9th (end of fall semester for classes and examinations) and February 10th and thereafter (intensive lectures, etc.).

Depending on the future status of infection with the new coronavirus, we may change the level of COVID-19 in a hurry. In this case, we will post information on our website.Please take note of the message from the President of Nagoya University, dated January 8:Changes to the Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University Due to the Increased Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

 ※Please make sure to follow the instructions in "To All Students of Nagoya University(Daily Life)". If you decide to take the PCR test or have any of the symptoms listed, please be sure to contact the Nagoya University Health Care Management Office.

  ※Please download and utilize COVID-19 contact confirmation app "COCOA".


 Lending of laptop computers for remote class support(Posted January 14,2021)

We will lend you our own laptop computers free of charge to support your remote learning on campus.  For more details, please refer to "Lending of laptop computers for remote class support".


Strengthening of Measures to Prevent the Spread of Infection (Posted December 4,2020)

We are sending out the following information to all students. Please be sure to check it and be very aware of the measures to prevent the spread of infection.


Message to the Nagoya University Community Regarding the Novel Coronavirus



  • Take thorough measures to prevent infection, such as wearing masks (regardless of whether on or off campus, in any situation where people are present, be sure to make them known).

  • Refrain from eating at restaurants and banquets while the spread of infection continues in Aichi Prefecture. Refrain from inviting your friends for dinner in your room (because it is easy to invite people to close together in a small space, which increases the risk of infection in many situations).


 If any of the following items applies to you, please contact the Health Administration Office immediately.  (Phone: 052-789-3970 (Weekdays 8:30~17:15), Email:

  • If you have difficulty breathing, fatigue, or high fever, or if you have cold symptoms suchas fever, cough, or sore throat that continue for more than 4 days (if you have underlyingconditions or if symptoms become unbearable, please act immediately; do not wait 4 days),or if you have unexplained abnormalities in your sense of taste or smell

  • If it has been decided that you will undergo a PCR test

  • If you become infected

  • If you have been identified by the local health center as a close contact

  • If a family member living with you has been identified as a close contact, or is suspected to be a close contact (even if they have not been identified as one)

 "Educational Activities" Level under the Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in "December 2 - January 26 (Fall Term2) period" (Posted November 2,2020)

There are no plans to change the level of the "Educational Activities" in the period of "December 2 - January 26 (Fall Term2)" .

Please take note of the message from the President of Nagoya University, dated November 6: "To all students, faculty, and staff of Nagoya University, be prepared for the re-spreading of COVID-19".

Depending on the future status of infection with the new coronavirus, we may change the level of COVID-19 in a hurry. In this case, we will post information on our website.

  ※Please download and utilize COVID-19 contact confirmation app "COCOA".


 Rules to be Observed When Taking Online Classes (Remote Classes)(Posted November 2,2020)

Students are required to adhere to the " Rules to be Observed When Taking Online Classes (Remote Classes)".


 Annual health checkups for new and current students (Updated November 2,2020)

Please check the Health Administration Office websiteLink for the latest information.

 ※Health Administration Office website


Regarding the Cancellation of the 2020 Nagoya University Festival (Meidai-sai) and the 2020 Academic Calendar (Notification) (Posted October 22, 2020) 

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we had previously delayed the 2020 Nagoya University Festival (Meidai-sai) from June until December. Unfortunately, given the present circumstances, this year's Festival will be canceled.

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Nagoya University Festival (Meidai-sai), there will be no change in the academic calendar (fall semester lesson plans).

However, classes may be held in certain departments or by the faculty member in charge of the class, in which case, the class instructor will notify you via NUCT or other means.  2020 Academic Calendar (partially revised July 21, 2020)

*Nagoya University Festival Executive Committee is separately considering alternative plans, including online.

  Nagoya University Festival (Meidai-sai) Website


From October 2 onwards, Co-Op dining spaces may be used as study halls (Posted October 6、Last updated October 22, 2020)

During the fall semester, situations where in-classroom classes and online classes taking place on the same day can be anticipated. On Higashiyama Campus, from October 2 onwards for the time being, in addition to classroom access points, the following dining spaces may be used as access points (places where students can take online classes using Wi-Fi connection).Please make good use of the locations to avoid the 3 C's.

Note that using the dining halls for chatting purposes is not allowed. Please follow the instructions of Co-Op employees in the cafeteria.

Points of Caution During Use 


Cafeteria Name



Nanbu (South) Area


8:40-10:45 Fully Open

10:45-11:30 Partially Open

11:30-13:00 Dining Use Only

13:00-14:30 Partially Open

14:30-16:15 Fully Open

It is no longer being used as a study area.


8:40-18:00 Fully Open

No meals are currently being served.

Hokubu (North) Area

Hokubu Cafeteria


8:40-10:45 Fully Open

10:45-13:30 Dining Use Only

13:30-14:30 Partially Open

14:30-16:15 Fully Open

The use of the building as a study area will be discontinued on October 26.

Science/Engineering Area

Dining Forest

8:40-10:30 Fully Open

10:30-14:30 Dining Use Only

14:30-16:15 Fully Open

The use of the building as a study area will be discontinued on October 26.



Regarding Learning Environment 2 (Published September 18, 2020)

While many classes will continue to be held remotely using ICT during the fall semester, some classes will be held face-to-face. There will be situations where students have both in-person and remote classes on the same day. In such cases, we ask that students who have telecommunication devices such as laptops use the University Wi-Fi and attend classes remotely (the number of computers in PC rooms is limited, as they are prepared on the assumption that they will be used for classes). Students without such mobile devices should consider making preparations right now. We have asked faculty members to hold on-demand classes that do not have time constraints as much as possible.

 ※Use of on-campus access points after October 1(after the lecture starts)


Purchase of textbooks for fall semester classes (Posted September 16, 2020
Please check the Nagoya University Co-op website for information on textbook sales.
In order to prevent infection, the date and time of purchase differs for each faculty and grade. Please wear a mask when you come to campus.


 Acts of Academic Dishonesty in Reports and Assignments (Posted September 7, 2020)
Each undergraduate/graduate school has determined how to handle any potential acts of academic dishonesty during examinations, and warnings have been sent out. Acts of academic dishonesty (copying someone else's report or viewpoints posted on the internet and submitting it as your own work, plagiarism (use without appropriate citations), etc.) are prohibited for reports and assignments as well. If acts of academic dishonesty are discovered, you may be subject to discipline, which may impact your ability to graduate on time. Absolutely avoid acts of academic dishonesty.


Handling of classes and examinations in the event of a storm warning (Posted August 3, 2020)

Please check the "Handling of classes and examinations in the event of a storm warning"

 * From July 27, the regular examinations held on the campus has be cancelled. In addition, lectures and exercises are conducted remotely using ICT.Experiments and practice are taught remotely using ICT, except in exceptional cases.


Regarding Academic Measures to be Taken if University Members Become Infected with COVID-19 & Regarding Treatment of Class Absences Due to COVID-19 Infection or Fever/Cold Symptoms (Posted April 27, 2020)

It was posted on the Nagoya University Portal. Please log in to check it out.


Advisory on the Proper Handling of Copyrighted Materials(Posted April 17,2020)

 Students attending remote classes at Nagoya University that utilize Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) shall comply with "Advisory on the Proper Handling of Copyrighted Materials".


Temporary closure of student payment income window "Response to the novel coronavirus infectious diseas" (Posted April 17,2020)

 Due to the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, "Activity guideline: Student entrance restrictions: Level 3: Prohibition of undergraduate and graduate students from attending school" has been temporarily closed.

 For details, see "Temporary closing of the student payment income window".


Regarding Learning Environment (Published April 16, 2020)

 As a response to the novel coronavirus infectious disease, we are planning to hold online lectures for many classes.

 As for such classes, in principle, students shall take part in online lectures from home, etc., without coming to the university.

 We recommend that you own a laptop or tablet for learning purposes and prepare a sufficient Internet environment. Please be very careful of your data traffic for smartphones, etc.

 If you are not able to use the internet, please contact your undergraduate/graduate schools by e-mail.(In the case of the educational activity level to 4, the campus access point will be closed.)



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