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Graduate School of Information Science


Graduate School of Information Science

Graduate Departments: 1.Computer Science and Mathematical Informatics 2.Information Engineering 3.Media Science 4.Complex Systems Science 5.Systems and Social Informatics


The Graduate School of Information Science (GSIS) consists of fi ve Departments established in April 2003, i.e. the Department of Computer Science and Mathematical Informatics, the Department of Information Engineering, the Department of Media Science, the Department of Complex Systems Science, and the Department of Systems and Social Informatics. The GSIS covers widely fundamental science, applied science, and interdisciplinary fields, as an academic education/ research university organization for promoting the information communication technology age.

The GSIS integrates natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities on the basis of information science. It aims at the creative development of Information Science transcending the bounds of the traditional academic disciplines, by making an important contribution to the progress of an advanced information-oriented society through the research and training of information science specialists.

The GSIS also addresses collaboration with industry. In April 2006, the GSIS set up the Center for Embedded Computing Systems to lead collaborative research of embedded systems, which are regarded as cutting-edge technology to innovate the next era.
The GSIS has close relationships with the EcoTopia Science Institute, the Information Technology Center, the School of Informatics and Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the Nagoya University Museum.