October 6, 2016

Registration Open for Academic Lectures in Beginner Level English in the 'G30 for Everyone Fall 2016' Program

The "Global 30 (G30) for Everyone Fall 2016" program will offer a series of lectures in beginner level English (known as

September 28, 2016

Details of 2016 Fall Entrance Ceremony

We are pleased to announce that the Nagoya University 2016 Fall entrance ceremony will be held as follows:   Date &

September 21, 2016

Nagoya University President Matsuo Attends HeForShe Ceremony in UN Headquarters in New York

Last year, Nagoya University became the only Japanese university to be selected as one of the 10 universities to join "I

September 20, 2016

Nagoya University Global 30 International Programs Introduces New Website の画像

Nagoya University Global 30 International Programs Introduces New Website

Nagoya University Global 30 International Programs has unveiled its redesigned website:


October 21, 2016  PRESS RELEASE

Self-Assembly of Photoresponsive Polymer Brushes to Realize Advanced Surfaces

Japanese researchers develop a new approach for obtaining functional surfaces consisting of organized polymers. press r

October 14, 2016  PRESS RELEASE

Novel Target for Diabetes Drug Identified as Ion Exchanger

Nagoya University-led researchers use nematode worms as a model to identify a new target of the type 2 diabetes drug me

October 6, 2016  PRESS RELEASE

New Device Enables Rapid Identification of Brain Cancer Type and Tumor Margin

Research team centered at Nagoya University develops a device for quick, accurate identification of a mutation strongly

October 6, 2016  PRESS RELEASE

Unraveling Roundworm Nerve Regeneration Mechanism Could Aid Nerve Injury Treatment

Nagoya University researchers clarify detailed molecular mechanisms behind regrowth of severed nerves in roundworms; co

September 14, 2016  PRESS RELEASE

Japanese Research Team Elucidates Structure of Bacterial Flagellar Motor Protein

Nagoya University-led Japanese researchers reveal the 3D structure of a bacterial propeller protein. press released on

September 8, 2016  PRESS RELEASE

Novel Nanoscale Detection of Real-Time DNA Amplification Holds Promise for Diagnostics

Research team led by Nagoya University develop a label-free method for detecting DNA amplification in real time based o


September 30, 2016

Prof. Kenichiro Itami at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Receives the Nagase Prizeの画像 Prof. Kenichiro Itami at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Receives the Nagase Prize

Professor Kenichiro Itami, Director of the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University, has received th

September 8, 2016

Prof. Koshun Yamaoka Receives 2016 Disaster Prevention Achievement Award from Minister of State for Disaster Management

Professor Koshun Yamaoka of the Earthquake and Volcano Research Center at the Nagoya University Graduate School of Envir

August 24, 2016

Prof. Emeritus Hisashi Yamamoto Selected to Win Roger Adams Award by the American Chemical Society

Nagoya University Professor Emeritus Hisashi Yamamoto has been selected to receive the 2017 Roger Adams Award of the Ame

June 17, 2016

Designated Associate Prof. Hiroyuki Seto to Receive FY2016 Award for the Promotion of Studies on Developing Countries from IDE-JETRO

Designated Associate Professor Hiroyuki Seto (Asian Satellite Campuses Institute and Graduate School of Law) at Nagoya U


September 13, 2016 - October 29, 2016

The 33rd Special Exhibition: Taiwan Chen-Nan Chu and His World of Shoga (Calligraphy and Painting)

September 24, 2016 - November 3, 2016

Aichi Science Festival 2016

October 15, 2016 - November 8, 2016

The Nagoya University Library 2016 Autumn Special Exhibition: "The Takagi Clan, a Retainer of the Shogun, in the Last Days of the Tokugawa Shogunate" (The Takagi Documents Exhibition)

October 20, 2016 - January 31, 2017

The 14th Nagoya University Medical Museum Small Exhibit: "The Power of Nursing -- The History of Nursing as Seen in the Archives of Nagoya University Medical Library"

October 26, 2016

The 2016 Aichi Science Festival Science Talk: "This Is Why We Can't Quit! Adventure Stories from Field Workers